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La Pietra & Krieger is a full service law firm led by former employees of the NYPD. Our primary focus is on cases that involve Personal Injury, Criminal Defense, Real Estate, and Employment Matters. As a result of the diverse nature of our practice, we represent and advise many small businesses and banks.

Whether dealing with anything from a “first time” home buyer to an arrestee, at La Pietra & Krieger we believe it is our job to educate our clients so that they can make informed decisions based upon any set of facts and circumstances.

With 30 years of combined legal experience and a thorough knowledge of law enforcement matters, La Pietra & Krieger can guide you through our complex legal system. We proudly serve Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, and Orange counties, as well as the entire New York City area, including Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island.

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