Real Estate Purchase/Sale Law

real_estate_purchaseAt La Pietra & Krieger, we guide our clients through the entire Real Estate Purchasing and Sales Law process, keeping in mind that, in many cases this is the single largest transaction in their lives.

This means assisting the client from the time an offer is accepted, reviewing and preparing the contract, making sure all contractual obligations are met from the signing to the closing, attending the closing with the client, and finally preparing a closing statement for the client’s tax planner.

We understand that “first time” home buyers are unfamiliar with the home buying process and we take the time to make sure they understand the process from start to finish. No question is “stupid” and all questions are answered quickly and professionally. Many people buying a home have never met with a lawyer. They wonder why a lawyer is needed for what should be a “simple” transaction. In reality, the only “simple” thing about a real estate transaction is the decision to get a lawyer to guide you through the transaction.

Standard Contracts of Sale

Most lawyers use a standard Contract of Sale. There are many “standard” contracts. This contract is prepared by the Seller’s Attorney. It may include a “Rider” that modifies the standard Contract or deals with issues specific to the piece of property that is being sold.

These standard forms explain “What happens if..” We always take the time to go through these contingencies so the client understands what he/she is agreeing to. Asking a client to sign a document worth your life savings without explaining what the document means is simply unacceptable. Communicating with our clients to ensure a smooth transaction is what brings them back when they are ready to buy or sell their next home. As a result, our practice has continuously grown through repeat clients and their referrals.

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