Drunk Driving Offense (DUI)

drunk_drivingWhen someone is charged with an impaired driving offense they need a qualified and skilled defense lawyer. The lawyer must realistically look at what happened and then a strategy can be made on the case’s strengths and weaknesses.

The arrestee must act immediately after being released from custody. This will ensure that they stay out of jail AND save their driving privilege if possible.

“Friends don’t let friends plead guilty!” Though your friends may have dismissed the slogan “Friends don’t let friends drive drunk,” we stick to our promise. DWI Prosecution has invested hundreds of millions of dollars to convict those accused of DUI / DWI. People need a highly qualified lawyer on their side if arrested on these charges.

What is Impaired Driving?

There are many words we use to describe impaired driving or operating charges. Drunk driving and DWI are the common ones, in addition to DUI and DWAI. Impairment can be due to lack of sleep or to prescription drugs – not just alcohol or illegal drugs!

The accused operator may face the immediate loss of driving privileges and licenses, vehicle impoundment, fines, rehabilitation & re-education classes, local jail or prison time, ignition interlock devices, and more.

In New York, people whose breathalyzer reading is over .08% or who have refused to take a breath or blood test, can have their license automatically suspended even before any trial is held to determine guilt or innocence. For commercial drivers, different laws and penalties apply.

After your arrest for drunk driving (DWI), work on your defense must begin right away. You must hire an attorney who will begin to fight to get your license back and take the necessary steps involved:

  • Retrieve all police paperwork in connection with the arrest
  • Investigate the accuracy of the breath or blood tests that may have been administered
  • Prepare evidence to convince a court to grant you a temporary (hardship) license
  • Contact the Police Department to begin proceedings to recover your seized vehicle
  • If you refused a breath or blood test, prepare for a “refusal hearing” which will occur shortly after your initial court appearance.

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